"Results in better performance"

“Fitways Wellness’s Nutrition seminars provide real inspiration to address and change those old habits that we all are guilty of! Nick really got everybody thinking and making the link between being healthy and being motivated, which results in better performance. The content was really relevant, with practical tips and ideas to help everyone. Nick was great, and delivered the session in a relaxed way that made us all feel welcome and included. We’re looking forward to more seminars from Nick and the Fitways Wellness team soon.”

Matt Lettley

"Tailored to meet specific needs"

“Fitways Wellness delivered an excellent informative seminar, touching on all four pillars of corporate wellness. The content was tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of our employees. We walked away with several practical tips on improving our overall performance, and are looking forward to Fitways returning to delve deeper into the four elements of wellness. My team have already started making changes to their habits which is all down to the team at Fitways; investing in corporate wellness, no matter how big or small most definitely makes a difference.”

Tom McGibbon
The People Foundry

"Engaging and enlightening"

“Thank you for the Nutrition seminar at HPE, I found it engaging and enlightening. It was refreshing to get an insight from someone not pushing a particular diet or product. I will definitely think about my diet and general wellbeing in a different way now. Over the years I have tried to be fit and healthy but have been sucked in by clever marketing. I will be implementing some changes based on the information we received…I’m off now to go and rewrite my shopping list and my bucket list – thanks!”

Natasha Palfrey-Evans
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"Truly inspirational"

“Nick delivered a truly inspirational (and worrying) talk on nutrition, which is still rattling around my head a week later! It’s one thing to live longer but absolutely another do so healthily – and Nick brought this to life with engaging stories about how our lifestyle and our diet can have huge impacts on the latter parts of our life. Want to live to 100 and do so with a smile on your face? Start listening to Nick Hollis!”

Joe Bloggs

"Advice and support on specific queries"

“Nick Hollis took part in our wellbeing week held at our offices, we found Nick extremely informative. He explained things in a way which was easy to understand. Nick was engaging and knowledgeable and open to questions – offering advice and support on specific queries. Very positive feedback received from all attendees.”

Donna Robinson
Synergy Medical

"Reduces stress"

“Getting away from the desk at lunchtime and doing some exercise definitely improves my work performance, reduces stress, improves concentration, etc. I’m sure this has also contributed to the fact that I haven’t had to take time off work for illness for many years, I cannot remember the last time I had to take sick leave.”

Olly Dyson
HP Inc